This conference will deal with quantum transport and quantum communication and is intended to be a natural continuation of a series of smaller workshops initiated in 2004 which have created strong ties between five European centres: Aalborg, Berlin, Bucharest, Dublin and Marseille. Here are the links to the past events:

Various aspects of Bose-Einstein condensation (Aarhus 2004)

Mathematical Models for Transport in Macroscopic and Mesoscopic Systems (Bucharest 2005)

Quantum Transport and Excitations (Aalborg 2005)

Aspects mathematiques du transport dans les systemes mesoscopiques (Marseille 2006)

Mathematical Models for Transport in Macroscopic and Mesoscopic Systems (Berlin 2008)

Mathematical Models for Transport in Mesoscopic Systems (Dublin 2008)

Topics will range among nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, physical aspects of quantum communication, spectral theory of interacting fermionic systems, density functional theory, singular perturbation theory, and enhanced excitonic effects in nanoscopic systems. The ultimate goal is a better theoretical understanding of various transport coefficients which can be measured in experiments.

The talks will cover five main topics, each with roughly four invited speakers:

1. Transport in open quantum systems, organized by Jan Derezinski, Claude-Alain Pillet;

2. Modeling of semiconductor devices, organized by Gheorghe Nenciu, Valentin Zagrebnov;

3. Quantum transport in disordered systems, organized by Francois Germinet;

4. Spectral analysis with applications in nanophysics and quantum communication, organized by Pavel Exner, Pierre Duclos.

5. Interplay between theory and experiment, organized by Yosi Avron.

Local organizing committee: Horia Cornean, Arne Jensen and Nicola Marchetti .