Invited speakers




Robert Alicki Quantum memories as open systems
Inst. Theor. Phys., Gdansk
Tony Dorlas Sudden disappearance of entanglement
D.I.A.S., Dublin
Pierre Duclos NESS via adiabatic switching of a potential bias
C.P.T., Marseille
Gian Michele Graf Quantization of charge transport: equivalence of scattering and Chern number approaches
E.T.H., Zurich
Evans Harrell Sum rules and semiclassical limits for quantum Hamiltonians on surfaces, periodic structures, and graphs
Dept. of Math., Georgia Tech
Vojkan Jaksic Full counting statistics, Renyi's relative entropy and modular theory
Dept. of Math., McGill
Ansgar Jungel Quantum fluid models for semiconductor devices: derivation, analysis, simulation
I.A.S.C., T.U. Wien
Eugene Kanzieper Painlevé transcendents and quantum transport
H.I.T., Holon
Abel Klein Local Wegner estimates, Minami estimate, and Poisson statistics of eigenvalues for continuum Anderson Hamiltonians
Dept. of Math., Irvine
Israel Klich Quantum noise and entanglement entropy
Dept. of Physics, Charlottesville
Frédéric Klopp Level, level spacing and localization center statistics in the localized regime
Dept. of Math., Paris 13
Hynek Kovarik Eigenvalues of Schroedinger operators on metric trees
Dept. of Math., Politecnico di Torino
Hagen Neidhardt On carrier transport modeling in semiconductor devices at WIAS: a survey
W.I.A.S., Berlin
Konstantin Pankrashkin Localization on quantum graphs with random edge lengths
Dept. of Math., Orsay
Thomas Garm Pedersen Properties of gapped graphene
Dept. of Phys., Aalborg
Olaf Post Approximation of quantum graph vertex couplings by scaled Schrödinger operators on thin branched manifolds
Humboldt-Universitet, Berlin
Gueorgui Raykov Eigenvalue asymptotics in a twisted waveguide
P.U.C., Santiago de Chile
Wojciech de Roeck Diffusion in quantum system-reservoir models
E.T.H., Zurich
Gianluca Stefanucci Long-time electron dynamics of open molecular junctions
Dept. of. Phys., Tor Vergata