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Francisco Cuevas

Francisco Cuevas

PhD Student

Here you will find information about my research activity, teaching and some personal information.

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Briefly about me

    I'm Francisco Cuevas, a young chilean student (1987) living in Denmark. I like work on statistics and develop different tools for data analyisis. My cuerrent research topics are: spatio and spatio-temporal point process and random fields, simulation methods, and computational statistics. I love the music, play guitar, learn lenguages and do some sports.

Work Experience

  • BCI - Data scientist

    Working as Data Scientist in a multidisciplinary team. Duties include Mathematical Modelling, Data Analytics, Programming, Statistics, Macroeonomics Research and Data Scienes applied to Credit Risk.

  • FSMTU - Lecturer

    Semester courses Mathematics II and IV (Calculus, differential equations, and multivariate calculus) for first and second year engineering students.

  • Areva T&D - Intern

    Stochastic model for loadbreaker switch to predict failures.

  • Teacher Assistant
    2006-Till Death

    Teacher assistant on many courses of calculus and statistics. Which highlights : Probability and statistics for engineers, regression analysis, multivariated statistics, time series, statistical inference.


  • PhD in Mathematics and Physics - Ålborg Universitet
    2016-Till now

    Thesis: Point Process and random fields in time and on the sphere
    Advisor: Jesper Møller.
    Co-Advisor: Rasmus Waagepetersen, Emilio Porcu.

  • MSc. in mathematics - FSMTU

    Thesis: About model selection
    Advisor: Ronny Vallejos.
    Co-Advisor: Felipe Osorio.

  • Mathematical engineer - FSMTU

    Thesis: Non parametrical estimation of the codispersion coeficient.
    Advisor: Ronny Vallejos.

First Term 2017

Times Series I

List of publications

Cuevas, F., Porcu, E., Bevilacqua, M. Contours and Dimples for the Gneiting class of Space-Time Covariance Functions.
Submitted for journal publication

Osorio, F., Vallejos, R., Cuevas, F. SpatialPack: Computing the Association Between Two Spatial Processes.
Available at arXiv:1611.05289

Cuevas, F., Porcu, E., Vallejos, R. (2013). Study of spatial relationships between two sets of variables: A nonparametric approach.
Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 25, 695-714.

Do you want to visit me?

Fredrik Bajers 7G
DK-9220 Ålborg Ø
Room G1-107

Maybe we can work together!

Phone: (+45)99403929
Skype: fcuevas_87


Jeg vil elske snakke dansk med dig, men jeg taler ikke dansk.

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