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Francisco Cuevas

Francisco Cuevas

PhD Student

Here you will find information about my research activity, teaching and some personal information.

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Briefly about me

    I'm Francisco Cuevas, a young chilean student (1987) living in Denmark. I like work on statistics and develop different tools for data analyisis. My cuerrent research topics are: spatio and spatio-temporal point process and random fields, simulation methods, and computational statistics. I love the music, play guitar, learn lenguages and do some sports.

Work Experience

  • BCI - Data scientist

    Working as Data Scientist in a multidisciplinary team. Duties include Mathematical Modelling, Data Analytics, Programming, Statistics, Macroeonomics Research and Data Scienes applied to Credit Risk.

  • FSMTU - Lecturer

    Semester courses Mathematics II and IV (Calculus, differential equations, and multivariate calculus) for first and second year engineering students.

  • Areva T&D - Intern

    Stochastic model for loadbreaker switch to predict failures.

  • Teacher Assistant
    2006-Till Death

    Teacher assistant on many courses of calculus and statistics. Which highlights : Probability and statistics for engineers, regression analysis, multivariated statistics, time series, statistical inference.


  • PhD in Mathematics and Physics - Ålborg Universitet
    2016-Till now

    Thesis: Point Process and random fields in time and on the sphere
    Advisor: Jesper Møller.
    Co-Advisor: Rasmus Waagepetersen, Emilio Porcu.

  • MSc. in mathematics - FSMTU

    Thesis: About model selection
    Advisor: Ronny Vallejos.
    Co-Advisor: Felipe Osorio.

  • Mathematical engineer - FSMTU

    Thesis: Non parametrical estimation of the codispersion coeficient.
    Advisor: Ronny Vallejos.

First Term 2017

Times Series I

Listado de publicaciones

Alegría, A., Cuevas, F., Porcu, E., Diggle, P. (2018). A family of covariance functions for random fields on spheres.
Submitted for journal publication. Research Report 08, 2018, Centre for Stochastic Geometry and Advanced Bioimaging.

Cuevas, F., Porcu, E., Allard, D. (2018). Fast and exact simulation of isotropic Gaussian random fields on $\S^{2}$ and $\S^{2} \times \R$
Submitted for journal publication. Available at arXiv:1807.04145

Cuevas, F., Møller, J. (2018). Log Gaussian Cox processes on the sphere.
Spatial Statistics, 26, 69-82. Available at arXiv: 1803.03051.

Cuevas, F., Porcu, E., Bevilacqua, M. (2016). Contours and Dimples for the Gneiting class of Space-Time Covariance Functions.
Biometrika 104, 995-1001. DOI: 10.1093/biomet/asx048

Osorio, F., Vallejos, R., Cuevas, F. SpatialPack: Computing the Association Between Two Spatial Processes.
Available at arXiv:1611.05289

Cuevas, F., Porcu, E., Vallejos, R. (2013). Study of spatial relationships between two sets of variables: A nonparametric approach.
Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 25, 695-714.

Do you want to visit me?

Fredrik Bajers 7G
DK-9220 Ålborg Ø
Room G1-107

Maybe we can work together!

Phone: (+45)99403929
Skype: fcuevas_87


Jeg vil elske snakke dansk med dig, men jeg taler ikke dansk.

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