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PhD Course

Fourier Analysis

March 4, 2005

The lectures dealt with the discrete Fourier transform and its properties. I also presented the Uncertainty Principle in the discrete case The material presented and its relation to the book BNB, and comments on what to read, follows below:
Section 6.1
Covered in abbreviated form. The book contains a lot of detailed computations
Section 6.2
Covered in detail. I also went through exercise 6.2.5, using the book by Strang and Nguyen. See below.
Section 6.3
Section 6.4
This material was covered using the book by Strang and Nguyen. See below.
The discrete uncertainty principle
Covered using articles by Donoho et al., see below.

Additional Course Material

I have used the following additional course material:

Problem set 4

There will be no problem set 4 concerning the discrete Fourier transform.


The following exercise is suggested:
Maple exercise
Look at the way one can deal with the discrete Fourier transform in Maple.
Matlab exercise
Compare the above with the possibilities in matlab.

Updated March 8, 2005, by Arne Jensen.