Personal homepage for Olav Geil

with special responsibilities
within the research group
Reliable and Secure Communication

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Aalborg University

My research interest includes:
affine variety codes -- algebraic function fields -- algebraic geometry codes -- (asymmetric) quantum codes -- cryptography -- Gröbner basis theory -- multivariate polynomials -- network coding -- secret sharing -- finite fields -- etc.

Current main research project:
I am serving as the principal investigater for the research project How secret is a secret?" (2014-2017) supported by The Danish Council for Independent Research - Natural Science.

My Curriculum Vitae including extensive lists of publications and activities can be accessed from here.

My teaching portfolio (last update 2015) can be accessed from here

I keep a homepage (in Danish) with information from my talks in highschools and similar places. I appear in the leading part of a film on error-correcting codes (in Danish).

Data bases:
In a research project with Casper Thomsen we calculated for multivariate polynomials information on the number of zeros of prescribed multiplicity over any finite grid.