Copenhagen Institute of Technology
Basic year 2008-2009

Mathematics 1B


The course Mathematics 1B is common for students on Med 1, the first semester for the basic year in Medialogy, and Med 3, the 3rd semester for the Bachelor of Science Program in Medialogy.

The purpose of the course is to give you prerequisites in mathematics, which are necessary for your study and profession. You should be prepared to read and perhaps write literature on topics in medialogy which imply mathematical formulations.

Part of the course will consist of study of sections of the textbook and corresponding exercises. But the course will also contain activities which are more directly related to medialogy. In this part of the course you shall work on the mathematical aspects of a research articles on topics in medialogy.

We will use the following article:


The course consists of 25 half-day sessions. A standard session starts out with a 1 hour and 20 minutes lecture (including a short break). Then there is a 25 minutes introduction to the exercises. Finally, you work on these exercises for 1 hour and 45 minutes in groups. During the exercise period you will be assisted by two teaching assistants and by me.

The time and dates for the sessions can be found on the course main page. By clicking on the listed subject for a session one gets a program for that session.


We will use the following textbook:

I will refer to it as E&P. If you need a handbook of formulas, I recommend You can buy the textbook and the handbook at the local book shop.
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