Mathematics 1B

10. session

Tuesday 21. October 2008
Auditorium M1.80


Short lecture on the Dot Product and Projections, E&P Section 11.2, Three-Dimensional vectors, page 831.
Introduction to the article and the animation program.
Group work on article/animation program.

The article

O'Brien J.F. and Hodgins J.K., Dynamic Simulation of Splashing fluids, Computer Animations '95, 198-205, 1995.

You have to read section 1, Introduction, and section 2, Background, in order to understand what the article is about. It is not necessary that you understand every detail in these two sections. Your work should mainly concentrate on section 3, Simulation Model. Here you should understand every detail.

The animation program

The animation program is named animutube. It is written by Aage Nielsen. The program makes a very simple animation by principles similar to those applied in the article. To download the program, right click on the following link, and save it somewhere on your computer: animutube. After that you can run the program in MATLAB.


It is up to you whether you will start with the article or the animation program. The best solution is probably to start reading section 1 and 2 in the article. If the mathematics in section 3 seems hard, then you could shift to the animation program. Here the mathematics is similar, but simpler and perhaps easier to grasp because you can see more concretely how it works. You are strongly recommended to formulate and write down the results of your studying in your own words.

On the course home page I will explain when you are supposed to work with the article and the program. There will be more sessions reserved to this purpose than the two this week. At the end, your work will be tested at the exam.

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