Mathematics 2C

6. session

Monday 10. March 2008
Auditorium M1.80


Lecture on section 1.7 in Lay, Linear Independence.
Introduction to the exercises.
Exercises in groups.


Lay section 1.5 page 71
Exercise no. 1, 3, 5, 7, 15, 25
In exercise 5 and 7: Write also the solution set as a span of vectors.
Extra exercise: Recall that the vectors i, j and k in 3D-space are defined by
i = (1,0,0), j = (0,1,0) and k = (0,0,1).
Give a geometric description of the following subsets of 3D-space:
Span{i}, Span{j}, Span{k},
Span{i, j}, Span{i, k}, Span{j, k},
Span{i, j, k}.


On the Mathematics 2C homepage you can find a description of the exam in June 2008.

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