Mathematics 2C

14. session

Monday 5. May 2008
Auditorium M1.80


Lecture on the last part of section 2.7 in Lay, the subsection Perspective Projections.
After that I will give you some hints to your studies of the article.
Exercises in groups.


Lay section 2.7 page 181
Exercise no. 1, 3, 19.
Continue your work with the article The Fire Tower and the corresponding exercises
Exercise F1, Exercise F2.


You can download a MATLAB implementation of The Fire Tower at the following link: firetower. In order to run the program you must also download the file cube. The program is an illustration of the article. It is meant to be a help for your studies. It is not mandatory that you can explain what is going on in the program.

Here is a note regarding the height formula on page 49 of the article: sum.

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