Copenhagen Institute of Technology
Basic year 2008-2009

Mathematics 2C


The course Mathematics 2C is common for students on Med 2, the second semester of the basic year in Medialogy, and Med 4, the 4th semester of the Bachelor of Science Program in Medialogy. The purpose of the course is to give you prerequisites in Linear Algebra, which are necessary for your study and profession. The main topics are Systems of linear equations, Matrix algebra, Linear transformations and Applications to computer graphics.

The first sessions will be on systems of linear equations. An example of such a system, which you already know, is two equations in two variables. In this case you know how to solve the equations. We will study systems of linear equations with an arbitrary number of equations and variables. In this general case there is an algorithm for solving the system.

Part of the course will consist of study of sections in a textbook and corresponding exercises. But the course will also contain activities which are more directly related to medialogy. In this part of the course you are to work on the mathematical aspects of an article and study implementations of linear algebra in MATLAB.

The work with the textbook will be different from the work with Edwards and Penny in Mathematics 1B. There is much more coherence in the book, meaning that you will not be able to understand a part of it unless you understand what is written earlier. On the other hand the book starts out more or less from scratch meaning that it does not rely much on what you have learned in the Mathematics 1B course.


We will use the following textbook:

David C. Lay, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Third Edition, Pearson Education.
I will refer to it as Lay.


We will use the article:

Elena Marchetti and Luisa Rossi Costa, The Fire Tower, Nexus Network Journal, Volume 4, Number 2, November 2002, pages 38-53.

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