Mathematics 2C

13. session

Tuesday 28. April 2009
Auditorium M1.80


Lecture on section 2.7 in Lay, Applications to Computer Graphics.
Introduction to the exercises.
Exercises in groups.


Lay section 2.2 page 143
Exercise no. 31
Lay section 2.3 page 148
Exercise no. 3, 33.
The article The Fire Tower
Exercise F2


You can download a MATLAB implementation of The Fire Tower at the following link: firetower. In order to run the program you must also download the file cube. The program is an illustration of the article. It is meant to be a help for your studies. It is not mandatory that you can explain what is going on in the program.

In the article there is a formula for the height of a twelve cube tower on page 49. Here a summation formula is used at the last equality sign. The note sum explains this summation formula.

The MATLAB file N illustrates how one can transform a wire-frame model of the letter N. A complicated example of a 3D wire-frame model can be found at

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