GUYacas (Graphical User Interface to Yacas on Windows)

Code mode and interactive mode

There is a code mode (see screenshot) and an interactive mode (see screenshot) of GUYacas.
Getting help

In the program group (Start -> Programs -> GUYacas) there is a help file with various scripts.


A GUYacas script (for use in code mode) could look like as follows (note that # is used for defining a comment):

# Differentiate:
# Expand polynomium:
# Integrate:
# Taylor expansion (and show the result in nice form):
Taylor(x,0,3) Exp(x)
# - and show in Latex format
Taylor(x,0,3) Exp(x)


Running examples from the Yacas documentation

The examples from the Yacas documentation can be executed in GUYacas by pasting the code into the GUYacas script window. This is possible because of the following convention in GUYacas:
For example
In> 0+x;
Out> x;
In> x+1*y;
Out> x+y;
In> Sin(ArcSin(alpha))+Tan(ArcTan(beta));
These code examples can be copied into the script window on GUYacas and executed directly. The result is shown on the screenshot .

Known issues

The Yacas help files can not be accessed directly from within GUYacas.

Happy GUYacas'ing !
Søren Højsgaard