The doBy package

The doBy package for is (yet another) R package with utility functions. The package originally grew out of a need to calculate groupwise summary statistics, which explains the origin of the name: "do something on data which is grouped By some variables". However, the package now contains many other utilities.
Development versions  
Development versions of the package may be available here
Miscellaneous   Markup of R-script: Around 2010 the Rmarkup() function was introduced as a tool for turning an R script file into an HTML document. The Rmarkup() function has been removed from doBy because it is now obsolete. A better alternative is to use the markdown and knitr packages. An example is provided in the script file Puromycin-markdown.txt. The HTML document created from the script is here. The program wkhtmltopdf does a good job in turning HTML into pdf; the result can be seen here.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  
The document on lsmeans, estimates etc. is very "unpolished"
I know; it is on the todo-list.
Is there a paper describing the doBy package?
Not for the moment.
Søren Højsgaard
sorenh [at] math [dot] aau [dot] dk

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