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(Fotograf: Lars Horn, Baghuset.2011)

Lisbeth Fajstrup

M.Sc., Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Aalborg University


to my homepage. I am a mathematician at Aalborg University, Department of Mathematical Sciences. My research these days is in the new field: Geometry and Topology with applications in Computer Science. I made a poster presenting our work. My first ever Beamer poster...
The university database of publications has me here. A CV from 2019.


The department has a blog where we write about maths - new and old.
I have been the main author of the Danish blog Numb3rs. I try to explain the maths in the TV-series Numb3rs. Both blogs are in Danish


Findes mest i Moodle.
Mapprojections (in Danish, but with links to pages in English)


Indslag i 24 Nordjyske om Sommertræf 2008 for kandidatstuderende i matematik En wmv fil.

A newspaper article which I wrote for the World Math Year. (in Danish). At some points, pi has become p, but it is not hard to see where.


Skjernvej 4a,9220 Aalborg øst


Department of Mathematical Sciences
Aalborg University
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