List of Publications


  • On edge-colourings of graphs, Math. Scand. 40 (1977), 161-175.
    A summary of the above has also been published in Problèmes combinatoires et théorie des graphes, Colloques internationaux C.N.R.S, Paris 1978, 3-4.

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  • Generalized latin rectangles I: construction and decomposition, Discrete Math. 31 (1980), 125-152. In cooperation with A.J.W. Hilton.
    The results of this article is also discussed with a somewhat different angle in Quelques théorèmes sur carrés latins généralisés (ou sur graphes complets équitablement colorés), Cahiers C.E.R.O. 20 (1978), 307-313. In cooperation with A.J.W. Hilton

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  • The existence of symmetric latin squares with one prescribed symbol in each row and column, Annals of Discrete Math. 34 (1987), 1-26. In cooperation with A.J.W. Hilton.
    Some proofs not published in the above article can be found as an appendix, preprint from Aalborg University 1988. In cooperation with A.J.W. Hilton.

  • Removable edges in cyclically 4-edge-connected cubic graphs, Graphs and Combinatorics 4 (1988), 1-21. In cooperation with H. Fleischner and B. Jackson.

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  • Editorial: Preface to a special issue dedicated to Anthony Hilton. Discrete Mathematics, 2 pages, (2009). In cooperation with Chris Rodger.