Y-STR: Haplotype Frequency Estimation and Evidence Calculation

Master of Science thesis by Mikkel Meyer Andersen, June 2010

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Download thesis

An electronic version of the thesis can be obtained here.

Download slides from presentation

The slides from the presentation can be obtained here.

Supplementary material

The supplementary material can be obtained in zip-format here and in tar.gz-format here. Note that the berlin-dataset is not included. Either contact me on my e-mail listed below or change the file include-datasets.R to exclude berlin.

The dataset dane is from "Y-chromosome STR haplotypes in Danes" by Hallenberg et al.
The dataset somali is from "Y-chromosome STR haplotypes in Somalis" by Hallenberg et al.

Slides from talk 7th International Y Chromosome User Workshop

A part of this thesis has been to attend and give a talk at 7th International Y Chromosome User Workshop in Berlin, Germany, from April 22 to April 24, 2010. The slides for the talk is available here.

Earlier projects

The MAT4-project (referred to as [Andersen, 2009a]) can be downloaded here (notice that it is in Danish).
The MAT5-project (referred to as [Andersen, 2009b]) can be downloaded here.

Contact me

My e-mail is mikl [at] math [dot] aau [dot] dk or mikl [at] mikl [dot] dk. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.