Personal homepage for Olav Geil

Vice dean for education
The Faculty for Engineering and Science
Aalborg University


with special responsibilities
within the research group
Reliable and Secure Communication

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Aalborg University

My research interest includes:
affine variety codes -- algebraic function fields -- algebraic geometry codes -- (asymmetric) quantum codes -- cryptography -- Gröbner basis theory -- multivariate polynomials -- network coding -- secret sharing -- finite fields -- etc.

Research group:
I am part of the research group Reliable and Secure communication. For our latest workshop see here.

Current main research project:
I am serving as the principal investigator for the research project How secret is a secret?" (2014-2017) supported by The Danish Council for Independent Research - Natural Science.

I am part of the project SECURE (Secure Estimation and Control Using Recursion and Encryption). This is a major AAU Interdisciplinary research project headed by Principal Investigator Rafael Wisniewski and running in the three years 2018-2020. The members are: Rafael Wisniewski, Tom N. Jensen, Mads G. Christensen, Maja H. Bruun, Astrid O. Andersen, Ignacio Cascudo and Olav Geil.

Together with Bettina Dahl Søndergaard (Principal Investigator) and Hans Hüttel we investigate how Problem Based Learning is and can be used in connection with the Mathematical studies at university level. Our project "PBL og matematik: Hvordan kan PBL fungere på universitetets grundfag?" runs in 2018. It received funding from Det Strategiske Uddannelsesråd, Aalborg University.

My Curriculum Vitae including extensive lists of publications and activities can be accessed from here.

My teaching portfolio (last update ultimo 2017) can be accessed from here

I keep a homepage (in Danish) with information from my talks in highschools and similar places. I appear in the leading part of a film on error-correcting codes (in Danish).

Data bases:
In a research project with Casper Thomsen we calculated for multivariate polynomials information on the number of zeros of prescribed multiplicity over any finite grid.

Together with Ali Sepas I maintain a small database of Gröbner bases for toric ideals. This project grew out of a one week internship where Ali visited Department of Mathematical Sciences as part of his teaching obligations in primary school.