A geometric laboratory

The following is a list of demos (under construction) that illustrate concepts, notions and results from the theory of curves and surfaces. You are invited to input parametrizations of your own choice and to watch what happens. Often you have to activate the scroll bar in order to see something moving. Zooming is performed by two left mouse clicks indicating the two boarder points of the rectangle you want to zoom in. A rotation (in 3D) is performed by dragging along the figure with the left button of your mouse.

The demos use Java applets. You might have to download Java, in particular Java 2, before starting. Have fun!

Looking for interesting curves and their description? Try the Famous Curves Index.

A first attempt towards a geometric laboratory for surfaces (courtesy Martin Qvist, Aalborg). You might have to download java3d.

IMAGINARY Mathematical illustrations and exhibitions


Links to web sites on Mathematical Visualization Another useful link: CAGD

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