This page describes some of the R packages for graphical modelling that I have been involved with. There are many more packages for grapical modelling, and the CRAN Task View gRaphical Models in R lists many of these.




  • Graphical interaction models (graphical log-linear models for discrete data, Gaussian graphical models for continuous data and Mixed interaction models for mixed data).
  • See Højsgaard, Edwards, Lauritzen (2012) Graphical Modelling with R. Springers UseR! series.


  • Efficient graph algorithms, functions for easy creation of graphs, functions for manipulation of highdimensional tables, data relevant to graphical models.
  • Many graph modelling packages depend on gRbase, but gRbase itself provides only limited modelling facilities.
  • The reference to gRbase is: Dethlefsen, C., Højsgaard, S. (2005) A Common Platform for Graphical Models in R: The gRbase Package. Journal of Statistical Software Vol. 14, No. 17.