Install R on Windows operating system

In order to install R on your Windows computer please download the latest version from CRAN: Windows (approx 40Mb).

Install R by running the R-version-win.exe-file when downloaded. Follow the on-screen guide in order to complete the installation.

When the installer terminates successfully R is installed and ready for use. Please follow one of the guides below to install mixsep-package.

CRAN installation

  1. Start R
  2. Go to "Packages" in the menu and select "Install package(s)" and a pop-up window guides you trough selecting the mirror to your location. Find "mixsep" from the list, and let R download and install it. Since mixsep depends on the tcltk2- and RODBC-package these will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  3. Done!

Manual installation

Download the compressed archive to your computer. Install R (if this is not already on your computer) by downloading installation files from The mixsep-package depends on other R-packages (tcltk2 and RODBC) not included in the standard installation of R. This can be installed in at least three ways: When this is done you need to install the mixsep-package. This is done by either: Now the mixsep package is installed and ready for use...