First Year of Studies at The Faculty of Engineering and Science

Mathematics for Multimedia Applications



The course Mathematics for Multimedia Applications (MMA) is common for 2. semester students and some of the 4. semester students on the Bachelor of Science Program in Medialogy.

There are 25 half-day sessions in the course. 20 ordinary sessions with teaching and 5 self-study sessions. At the self-study sessions, there will be a teaching assistant who can help you. Note that the material from these sessions is also part of the course curriculum.

A schedule for the course can be found on the course main page. One gets a detailed program for a session by clicking on its subject.


In the first part of the course, we will use the following textbook:

I will refer to it as E&P. You can buy thÝs textbook at the IHK book shop. In the last part of the course, we will use the book: I will refer to it as SIF.

Study Plan

The study plan for MMA can be found on page 23 in the Curriculum for the Bachelor's Program in Medialogy.

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