First Year of Studies at The Faculty of Engineering and Science

Mathematics for Multimedia Applications




Exam set with answers



Hand-in Exercises

In the remaining part of the course, there will be hand-in exercises for each session (starting at session no. 13). During the exercise time in the group rooms, students are to work out individual hand-written solutions to these exercises, and give them to me by the end of the session. In the following session, you will be informed whether your hand-in was acceptable or not. You are welcome to help each other in the groups, however photocopied solutions or the like will be rejected.

To be eligible to take the exam, you must have at least 10 accepted hand-in exercises before Monday 23. May 2011.

Trial Exam Set

A full trial exam set is now available together with answers to the problems in the set.

Monday morning, 30. May, you can get help from TA Morten Laursen. He will come at 10:00.


Week Day Date Number Subject
7 Monday 14. February 1 Review of Trigonometry
Thursday 17. February 2 The Derivative and Rates of Change
8 Tuesday 22. February 3 Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions
Thursday 24. February 4 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
9 Thursday 03. March 5 Self-Study 1: Trigonometric Functions and Sound
10 Tuesday 08. March 6 Areas, Sums and Integrals I
11 Tuesday 15. March 7 Areas, Sums and Integrals II
Thursday 17. March 8 Vectors
12 Tuesday 22. March 9 Dot Product and Cross Product
Thursday 24. March 10 Self-Study 2: Numerical Integration
13 Tuesday 29. March 11 Lines in 3D-space
Wednesday 30. March 12 Planes in Space
Thursday 31. March 13 Curves and Motion in Space I
14 Tuesday 05. April 14 Curves and Motion in Space II
Thursday 07. April 15 Self-Study 3: Review of Vectors, Dot Product and Cross Product
15 Tuesday 12. April 16 Matrices and Vectors
Thursday 14. April 17 Linear Combinations, Matrix-Vector Products, and Special Matrices
17 Tuesday 26. April 18 Systems of Linear Equations
Thursday 28. April 19 Gaussian Elimination
18 Tuesday 03. May 20 Self-Study 4: Systems of Linear Equations
Thursday 05. May 21 Matrix Multiplication
19 Tuesday 10. May 22 The Inverse of a Matrix
Thursday 12. May 23 Linear Transformations and Matrices
20 Tuesday 17. May 24 Self-Study 5: Applications to Computer Graphics
Thursday 19. May 25 Review

The plan will be updated regularly!

Time schedule

09:00-10:20 Lecture in Auditorium 216
10:20-10:45 Introduction to the exercises
10:45-12:30 Exercises in groups

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