Mixed models with medical and engineering applications

A useful reference regarding practical aspects of fitting mixed models in R is Faraway, J.J. (2006) Extending the linear model with R, Chapman and Hall/CRC, chapter 2 and 8.

Details on fitting linear mixed models in SPSS are provided in these notes.

Some data sets and R-code used in the course. The orthodontic data set "Orthodont" is a part of the nlme R package.

1 Tuesday October 4 8-12: Slides (with exercises) (updated 04.10.16). Exercises to be handed in on Tuesday October 11: 2, 4 and 5.

Slides 26-29 in these handouts gives some background on variances and slides 2 and 24-33 in these handouts give some background on covariance and correlation.

2 Tuesday October 11 8.15-12: Slides (with exercises, updated 11.10.16) and spss-screen shots. Hand-in: exercise 3. Please install package pbkrtest.

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